Liam Webb

Liam Webb was a carefree and happy three-year-old boy. Liam’s parents, Christian and Carli, were given the news on April 11, 2013 that their little boy was suffering from a malignant brain tumor. Sadly it wasn’t the cancer that took Liam from his family. It was the effects of his treatment. Take a minute to read Liam’s story.



How We Can Help

Know a family with a warrior? A warriors mind, a warriors spirit and a warriors family is what our Helping Hearts and Hands program is all about. Having a child with cancer can be a nightmare, but with the right support, these warriors can pull through with their spirits intact.


The Linked with Liam Foundation was founded by Christian and Carli Webb in January 2014 to honor the life of their son, Liam Webb, who passed away after a courageous battle with brain cancer on November 23, 2013. He was just 4 years old.

The Linked with Liam Foundation is dedicated to raising money for these families. It is our MISSION to improve the lives of children with cancer and their families with much needed support in the battle against their life threatening illness. We help with expenses that these families encounter when they are forced to put their lives on hold to be with their children. We know that family support can be just as important to recovery as medicine.

When cancer strikes, especially when a child is affected, it can easily send life into a tailspin. Linked with Liam’s MISSION is to assist every child and family facing this overwhelming journey, and let them know they are NEVER ALONE. Our goal is to reduce the impact not only on the warrior, but to the entire family.

“I take pride in leading The Linked With Liam Foundation. It has become my life’s work and my calling to support these families that are going through the same nightmare that we faced. Cancer may have tried to steal our family’s joy, but it did not succeed. With inspiration from my son Liam, we chose to turn a tragedy into a light that can be a blessing to others. Join us as we try to bring hope and joy to the every day warriors that fight this uphill battle.”

Carli Webb
The Linked With Liam Foundation


About 10,450 children in the United States under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with cancer in 2014. Childhood cancer rates have been rising slightly for the past few decades. Every 3 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in children (after accidents). About 1,350 children younger than 15 years old are expected to die from cancer in 2014.



Liam Webb was a normal, happy 3 year old boy. He loved playing with his sisters, eating pizza and jumping in bounce houses. He was in perfect health and we had no reason to think that anything might be wrong with him. After a few doctors visits and an emergency room visit for a neck tilt, Liam was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April of 2013. It would later be diagnosed as a very rare and aggressive tumor called AT/RT. Despite the diagnosis, Liam was doing so well! He made it through 3 brain surgeries, meningitis and a horrible staph infection that hospitalized him for 4 weeks. Liam also endured 6 weeks of intensive radiation to his brain and 3 bone marrow transplants! After his third and final round of chemotherapy, Liam became ill with RSV which turned into pneumonia.  He was hospitalized and began to improve after only a few days. His fever was gone,he was talking again and was about to be moved from the ICU floor. Unfortunately, and without any warning, Liam passed away on November 23, 2013. It was not the cancer that killed him, but the treatments that lowered his immune system so that it was unable to fight infection. Our goal is to fund the research needed to provide our children with less toxic treatments so that they can survive their cancer and live a healthy lifestyle.


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