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Helping Hearts and Hands

Our Helping Hearts and Hands fund is designed to help with those indirect costs and other expenses that having a child with cancer can bring. Families of children with cancer often face financial difficulties. The Linked with Liam Foundation is dedicated to raising money for these families. It is our mission to improve the lives of children with cancer and their families with much needed support in their battle against these life threatening illness. We help with expenses that these families encounter when they are forced to put their lives on hold to be with their children. We know that family support can be just as important to recovery as medicine.

The Helping Hearts and Hands Fund provides support to children from the difficulties and challenges of pediatric cancer treatment. We also help the families who love, care and support these brave Warriors. The reality is that current treatments and clinical trials will not cure many of these children. Families need our help today so we depend on your help to provide assistance to make their lives a little easier.