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Liam’s Christmas Wish

Our Liam’s Christmas Wish program can make sure that even while all of this is going on, we will make sure that the holidays can still be a time of Hope & Joy. One popular programs is our Christmas program called Liam’s Christmas Wish.

This program not only provides Christmas to our Cancer Warriors but to their families as well. The expenses that these families encounter, when they are forced to put their lives on hold to be with their child, often times leaves a void and siblings or family members have to go without.

The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of love, generosity and goodness so Liam’s Christmas Wish is that cancer not steal Christmas too. During the Christmas season we try to sponsor our warrior families who may need extra support to make Christmas a little brighter.

Join us all at Linked With Liam in helping to bring Christmas JOY to our warriors and families with our Liam’s Christmas Wish Program.

You can donate several different ways or you can fill out Liam’s Christmas Wish Donation Form by clicking on the stocking to the right!

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